Shipping Needs: Get Started with UPS

Details are critical. Ease is a priority. And dependability is key.

From the smallest box to the largest pallet, we’re here to help you get those important shipments where they need to go, when you need them there.

And no matter how frequently you ship, whether once a year or every day, we’ve got services designed for your shipping needs.

If you only ship a few times a month or less, we welcome you to ship and track packages as a guest. Schedule a pickup whenever you need one, or drop off packages at a nearby location.

Create a Shipment

Of course, you can always sign up for a ID and save frequently used info like contacts and payment methods to your profile. Use your ID to:

  • Access your shipping and pickup history
  • Set preferences and make repeated tasks easier
  • Save up to 50 tracked shipments
  • Order supplies needed to package your items

Sign up for a ID

If shipping is a key business task and you send 20 or more packages per day, we recommend you:

Download our shipping software and automate processes, import customer details, and export shipping data.

Talk to one of our representatives and learn more about how we can help solve your specific needs, including reverse logistics and customs brokerage services.

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